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Pricing for grooming varies from dog to dog. Some factors that determine the cost are size of the dog, behavior, condition and texture of the coat, amount of hair, and special needs. A well behaved dog that is brushed and groomed regularly will take less time to groom.  A dog with a matted coat or one who does not behave will take more time to groom.


Are the dogs restrained or muzzled?

Safety for your dog and our employees is paramount. Dogs are restrained for their own safety during the grooming process. We use groomers' helpers to restrain the head and a haunch harness to keep them from moving or falling off the table. If a dog begins biting during the grooming process, it may be muzzled for parts of the process.


Do you accept walk-in customers?

We prefer you schedule appointments in advance, but if clients walk in, we will try our best to accommodate them. We will generally be able to fit in a la carte items and Spa treatments as walk-in appointments, but full grooming appointments require more time and may not be available.


What if I am late for the appointment?

Time is a valuable commodity for groomers. Being late for an appointment can throw off the schedule for other clients. We do realize unforeseen emergencies/circumstances arise. Therefore, if you are late, we will provide a 20-minute grace period as a courtesy. However, if you are very late, we will need to bump the slot to be considerate of punctual clients.


How often should I brush and bathe my dog?

All dog breeds are different. As a general rule, dogs should be brushed at least once or twice a week and bathed at least once a month. But a simple Internet search based on breed will provide you with the proper guidance.


What if my dog has a medical condition or episode while being groomed?

To reiterate, safety for your dog is a main priority. All employees are certified in canine CPR, and our facility is located directly across the street from the Community Animal Hospital of Morris Plains. If emergency attention were to be required, your pet would be brought across the street to the facility and you would be contacted immediately.

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